The Horrors of War

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The Horrors of War


The darker moments of World War II that nurses impacted and experienced


The following collection of photographs, posters, and comic pages lays out the narratives of several dark, negative, and dangerous experiences American nurses serving in World War II were either involved in or impacted by in some way. It is meant to show the courage and grit of these women, even in the face of adversity, and to also draw back the curtain on some of the uglier parts of the war and the societies participating in it.

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"The Angels of Bataan"
The colorful image here is a government poster promoting increased morale during the war. This propaganda calls for the American people to keep fighting in order to free American military nurses imprisoned by the Japanese, portraying the captive…

A nurse aboard the USS Comfort looks over the damage caused to the ship when it was struck en route to Okinawa by a kamikaze pilot in 1945. The plane made it through three decks of the ship, exploding in the surgical deck, where it killed…

"Dancing with Death"
Like Dorothy Baggett, a nurse mentioned in the item entitled "Dachau" in this collection, seventy-nine other nurses were present with the 116th and 127th Evacuation Hospital crews to treat the survivors of Dachau Concentration Camp. The photo here is…

This image of US Army Nurse Dorothy Baggett at Dachau Concentration Camp in southern Germany, is a valuable representative of the darkest parts of World War II, and how even American military nurses experienced these horrors.

This picture was…

Worn-Out Marching Shoes
Agnes Jensen Mangerich and twelve other US Army nurses were supposed to transport wounded soldiers away from the front lines in Bari, Italy, on November 8, 1943. However, en route to their destination, their planes were crashed in a Nazi-occupied…

The Anzio Ordeal
These images show the bombing and enemy shelling of the 95th Evacuation Hospital in Anzio, Italy, on February 7, 1944. One is of the damage done to the hospital by the bomb, which killed 28 people, including 22 hospital staff. The colorful image is…

"Courage Under Fire"
The document shown is of a Unit Commendation issued to the 95th Evacuation Hospital on April 10, 1944, by the CG Fifth United States Army. The unit is commended for their choice to set up tents and continue treating patients while being bombarded by…
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