Many people have helped me with this project, and will likely continue to help me as I expand it with more research. I would like to thank my professor, Dr. Rwany Sibaja, for teaching all of the students in his graduate level digital history class about establishing their digital identities as historians, and for giving me the chance and the tools to create a project like this, because I have learned so much from it. 

I would also like to thank Janis Allen, Communications Director at the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas, and founder of Performance Leadership Consulting. Janis heard about my interest in researching women in World War II by chance, but without her, I could not have completed this project as successfully as I have, nor would I be able to continue on with my research as smoothly as I can now. She has been an amazing contact, has generously given me access to her book, and has always been willing to help me. Most importantly, Janis opened up the door for me to correspond with retired US Army Nurse Dorothy Tonjes Managan, and that has been a precious gift in so many ways! 

Consequently, I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dorothy Managan, not only for her service to her country in World War II as a US Army Nurse, but also for her willingness to share her story and help those of us who want to learn as much as we can from her experiences! Dorothy has been so kind, and has shared valuable information with me about her story, which I have tried to represent on this website (although it could never do it justice). Dorothy served as an inspirational mentor for nursing recruits during World War II, and she has inspired me today to continue learning about her story as well as the narratives of other American women who were a part of something bigger than themselves! I am blessed to have been able to learn from her, and hopefully, once quarantine is over, we can finally meet in person! 

I want to thank my friend and classmate Antonio Austin, for answering my frantic messages about this project and always being a supportive friend, along with Shannon Furr, another classmate who not only answers all of my ridiculous questions, but has become one of my closest friends, and always inspires me to grow. I would also like to thank any of my classmates and teachers in the Appalachian State University History Department who gave me advice, source materials, and feedback for this project, as it was greatly appreciated, as well as all those who suffered through one of my many rant sessions about research struggles. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents and grandparents from the bottom of my heart, for putting up with me whilst stuck at home during the Covid19 pandemic, and keeping me alive while I was trying to complete this assignment and the rest of this semester. I especially want to thank my mother, for helping me research and being willing to answer all of my questions about medical equipment and antibiotics! You're the best!