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Images of the training experience for nurses during World War II


This collection of images represents the types of experiences women had when they were recruited and training to be nurses during the war. While they received medical training, they also had to learn to perform other duties for their own health and survival in the field, as well as for the military itself.

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Staying Fit
Many people are unaware of the daily activities of World War II army nurses. The women pictured here, training in Australia before being sent to work in the Pacific, are participating in an early morning workout to stretch and exercise their muscles.…

Training for Gas Attacks
This image shows Army Nurse Corps recruits at Fort Lewis, WA, being trained in a way that many people do not realize nurses had to be trained. They are learning to use gas masks, just like soldiers and other military personnel planning to be near the…

Setting Fractures
This photograph shows US Army Nurse and instructor of new recruits, Dorothy Managan (on gurney), smiling with nursing recruits as they practice setting a fracture and carrying a patient on a gurney. These kinds of activities were exactly what these…

Fort Lewis
This is an image of the military base where Dorothy Managan, US Army Nurse Corps nurse and instructor, trained US Army Nurse Corps recruits and served as a nurse herself during World War II.

Fort Lewis was constructed between 1927 and 1939, and…

Jungle Training
This is a picture of a group of US Army nurses during their training in the jungles of the Caribbean. These women were going to be serving with the Air Force, and would need to be knowledgeable about the climate of the Caribbean and the jungles they…

Geographical Know-How
Here is an example of one of the things nurses had to learn and understand in training before they could serve in the field, especially overseas; geography. Nurses were trained to read maps of the various areas of the front where they would be…
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