Light in the Dark

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Light in the Dark


US nurses serving in World War II and their memorable positive moments


This small collection gives viewers a glimpse of the positive impact nurses serving the United States in World War II had on those they interacted with, through a collection of photos and letters. It also shows the happier moments, even in wartime, that these women participated in.

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Sending Love
This group, part of a contingent of 15 army nurses serving at the segregated all African American 268th Station Hospital in Australia in 1943, is shown joyously opening their first batch of mail from home. One of the most meaningful things a nurse…

Lasting Impressions
This picture is valuable for the simple reason that it represents one of the bright spots that nurses serving in World War II encountered on the job that could make everything worth it. The patient pictured is having a navy nurse sign his arm cast,…

Wedding Carriage
For awhile, if women wanted to serve as nurses in the military during World War II, they had to be between around 18 and 40 years old, and could not be married or have young children. Due to demand for nurses later on in the war, these rules were…

"Men Who Know"
US Army Nurse Dorothy Managan, whose story can be found in the "Nurse Profiles" collection of this website, worked with her fellow nurses at Fort Lewis, to train nursing recruits for the army during the war. However, she also served as the head of a…
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